Refresher Programme on Psychology of Mediation at Ernakulam

The second in the series of Refresher Programme on Psychology of Mediation for the mediators was held at the Banquet Hall of the High Court of Kerala on 18.08.2017. The Refresher Programme for Mediators commenced at 9 am on 18.08.2017. Sri. P.K. Aravinda Babu, District Judge and Director, Kerala State Mediation and Conciliation Centre delivered a brief introductory remarks about the refresher programme. Hon’ble Mr.Justice A.M.Shaffique, Hon’ble Mr.Justice K.Ramakrishnan and Hon’ble Mr.Justice A.Muhamed Mustaque, Members, Board of Governors, KSMCC, inaugurated the programme and addressed the gathering. 76 mediators of Ernakulam district were called to attend the programme and 46 mediators attended the refresher programme. The programme in three sessions commenced with the topic Psychology of Mediation which was handled by Smt. Zaileshia.G., Clinical Psychologist. The topic on psychology in two sessions, that is, 9.30 am to 12 pm and 12 pm to 1.30 pm covered extensively the important aspects of psychology in mediation. In the 3rd session, Sri. Sreelal Warrier, Mediator Trainer of Kerala State Mediation and Conciliation Centre conducted a class on Drafting of Agreement. This was followed by the concluding session at 3.15 pm which included interaction of Hon’ble Mr.Justice A.Muhamed Mustaque and Hon’ble Mr.Justice.K.Ramakrishnan, with the mediators and concluding remarks, feedback from the mediator trainer and one of the participants. Sri.C.S.Mohit, Sub Judge and Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Ernakulam, extended vote of thanks.

Banquet Hall, High Court of Kerala 18/08/2017